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Cripple Bastards - your lies in check (black vinyl, lim. 350), LP

The debut full length by Italy's hate-filled Grindcore masters available again in a top quality edition! Originally recorded in 1995 and released in 1996, "Your lies in check" is a 69 song tornado of ultra-violent Grindcore/Punk blasting at the speed of light! Quoting an older review of the album: "With no shadow of doubt a milestone in Italian Grind/Hardcore and an important release also if seen on an international view. Sixty-nine songs of pure hate in fourty-nine minutes. Grindcore of vile screams, guttural bellows and a lot of yelling. Music that is short, fast and to the point. Slow parts that are heavy and dirgey, showing no signs of fun. Superfast fastcore/Grind with a rocking Punk edge unique in its kind.

This new black vinyl edition comes in a noble gatefold with complete new artwork. Limited to 350 copies only.

A1 Being Ripped Off
A2 Without A Shadow Of Justice
A3 Prejudices & Walls
A4 Images Of War / Images Of Pain
A5 Imposed Mortification
A6 Prospettive Limitate
A7 Intelligence Means...
A8 Disagreeable Selections
A9 Caught In Your Silence
A10 Prisons
A11 Irenic
A12 September, 18th 1993
A13 A Dispetto Della Discrezione
A14 Watching Through My Chaos
A15 Newscast Slave
A16 Round Table
A17 Italia Di Merda
A18 The Outside World
A19 My Mind Invades
A20 Danas Je Dan Za Lijenćine
A21 More Frustrations
A22 Stimmung
A23 Ghiacciaio
A24 What I Thought
A25 Negative Fractures
A25.a Peasants
A25.b Authority?
A25.c My Last Hours
A25.d Falling Wish
A25.e Asti Punks
A25.f Preach And Let Die
A25.g Misunderstanding Of Equality
A26 Ratings
A27 Paranoiac
A28 Frightened / Neglected
A29 1974
A30 Milicija Die!
A31 Walk Away

B1 Nichilismo Ampliato
B2 Vital Dreams
B3 Blue Penguins
B4 Bonds Of Enmity
B5 Ragman
B6 Windows
B7 Rending Aphthous Fevers
B8 Bane
B9 Living Monuments
B10 War Spoils
B11 We Can Work It Out
B12 Self-Justice Punks
B13 Incorporated Grave
B14 D.S.S. (Double Scented Shit)
B15 Sexist Society... Must Destroy It!
B16 The Last Shipwrecked
B17 Intransigent Simpathy
B18 Polizia, Una Razza Da Estinguere
B19 Cormorant
B20 Life In General
B21 Hydrophobic Web
B22 Padroni
B23 Useful/Useless
B24 More Restrictions, Why??
B25 Miniaturized Eden
B26 Something Wrong
B27 21st Century Schizoid Man
B28 Devozioni??
B29 Nothing On Earth
B30 Invito Alla Riservatezza
B31 Come » Falso Dio
B32 Radije Volim...
B34 S.L.U.T.S.
B35 Grimcorpses
B36 Offensive Death
B37 My Serenity
B38 Dealing With A Pressing Problem
B39 Necrospore

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