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Rebaelliun - annihilation (black vinyl), LP

Rebaelliun - annihilation (black vinyl), LP

Nine tracks of unbelievable violence. The guitars are really a wall of impenetrable fire, while the drums are always on blast beats with few times on fast bass only and slow snare while the vocals can be described as typical growl ones with a harsh touch. The technical level is one of highest in brutal death metal we believe. The title track, after a small intro, is a total devastation with a long, tapping, hyper fast, technical guitar solo at the end. “Steel Siege” has one of the most brutal and clear-cut beginnings you’ve ever listened to. The guitars parts are like a shrapnel in sound and speed. The guitar riffage on “Red Spike” reminds us of early Deicide for malevolence but with an over blasting production, while the main riff on “Unleash The Fire” is total impact even being very catchy. If you want a massive, bass drum fast part with hyper destructive riff check the beginning to “Unborn Consecration” that ends in a fast blasting riff supported by eternal blast beats. Even now we can’t believe our ears listening to the lead guitar part at the beginning of “Bringer Of War”. The production helps but the brutality is absurd. Holy shit what an album... pure madness with perfect, unearthly production and inhuman violence, a bestial assault. Bottom Line: This could perhaps be the fastest death metal album out there! So if you like fast, technical, well played death metal with alot of nice touches this is it!
For fans of: Morbid Angel, Angelcorpse, Krisiun, Behemoth, Deicide, Mental Horror.

Limited edition in black vinyl.

A1 Annihilation 5:00
A2 Rebellious Vengeance 4:28
A3 Steel Siege 3:41
A4 Red Spikes 3:21
A5 Unleash The Fire 5:05
B1 Unborn Consecration 4:53
B2 God Of A Burned Land 3:59
B3 Bringer Of War 4:23
B4 Defying The Plague 3:15

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