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Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK - radioactive (black vinyl), Split-LP

Extreme Noise Terror / Chaos UK - radioactive (black vinyl), Split-LP

The first half is Extreme Noise Terror's debut grindcore release. The second half is Chaos UK , not as catchy as their earlier material , but alot more raw and aggressive. Boot vinyl from south america!!!

FAN CLUB EDITION!! If you want loud , abusive , screaming music with the sound and speed as the reviewer below described a "megaton warhead" then this album is for you. I guarantee that if you crank this up loud enough your head will explode ( or definitely your speakers ). I literally turned my speaker's into confetti with this one. Words simply cannot describe the Extreme Noise Terror and Chaos UK of this album.

A1 Extreme Noise Terror - System Shit 1:11 A2 Extreme Noise Terror - No Threat 1:26 A3 Extreme Noise Terror - Human Error 1:39 A4 Extreme Noise Terror - Murder 1:59 A5 Extreme Noise Terror - False Profit 0:54 A6 Extreme Noise Terror - Show Us You Care 2:27 A7 Extreme Noise Terror - You Really Make Me Sick 1:53 A8 Extreme Noise Terror - Fucked Up System 1:01 A9 Extreme Noise Terror - Dead Life 0:49 A10 Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music 0:54

B1 Chaos U.K. - A Month Of Sundays 2:36 B2 Chaos U.K. - Red Sky At Night 2:19 B3 Chaos U.K. - Used And Abused 2:14 B4 Chaos U.K. - Political Dreaming 1:28 B5 Chaos U.K. - Skate Song 2:00 B6 Chaos U.K. - Bak To Scool 3:19 B7 Chaos U.K. - Depression 3:03 B8 Chaos U.K. - Hope You Got A Fuckin' Headache 3:25
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