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Master - on the seventh day god created...Master (CD)

This album was considered one of the heaviest recordings of it's time back in the 90's. Master, the brainchild of Death Metal legend Paul Speckmann, formed a brutal onslaught...
Now "on the seventh day god created...Master" has become a classic release. If you enjoyed the 90's Death Metal scene, and listened to bands like Death, Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Slayer, Cynic, Massacre..., you should buy this without hesitation. This is one brutal offering you need to hear....

1 - What Kind Of God 3:57
2 - Latitudinarian 3:21
3 - Heathen 4:48
4 - Used 3:38
5 - Demon 2:52
6 - Constant Quarrel 3:13
7 - Judgement Of Will 2:54
8 - America The Pitiful 2:51
9 - Whose Left To Decide 4:14
10 - Submerged In Sin 4:10

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