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Marduk - la grande danse macabre (CD)

Marduk - la grande danse macabre (CD)

Marduk don´t release with "la grande danse macabre" a brutal full speed work in the style of "Panzer Division Marduk", but but nevertheless they have outdone themselves again . The strength of this album lies in the slower compositions, which whip as hymns around your ears and don´t get out of your head anymore! One of the best Marduk albums and for every black metal fan is a must!

- Ars Moriendi 1:50
- Azrael 3:06
- Pompa Funebris 1660 2:35
- Obedience Unto Death 3:16
- Bonds Of Unholy Matrimony 7:03
- La Grande Danse Macabre 8:11
- Death Sex Ejaculation 5:10
- Funeral Bitch 4:57
- Summers End 4:40
- Jesus Christ... Sodomized 4:32

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