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Marduk - opus nocturne (CD)

Marduk - opus nocturne
Marduk - opus nocturne

- Del Imaginaro Discos 2008 (D.I. 107)
- EAN: 3256981466879

Marduk play on "opus nocturne" frantic black metal with inhuman blast beats, a few melodic and varied mid-tempo parts. The spirituality of this Marduk album clearly stands out from their not always convincing releases. Although the production is quite thin, "opus nocturne" can be called the most atmospheric impressive album of the bands history.

- Intro / The Apperance Of Spirits Of Darkness 0:32
- Sulphur Souls 5:40
- From Subterranean Throne Profound 7:47
- Autumnal Reaper 3:31
- Materialized In Stone 5:10
- Untrodden Paths (Wolves Part II) 5:26
- Opus Nocturne 2:32
- Deme Quaden Thyrane 5:06
- The Sun Has Failed 7:21

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EAN: 3256981466879

Manufacturer product no.: D.I. 107

Manufacturer/Brand: Del Imaginaro Discos

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