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Absurd (SWE) - discography '91-'92 (black vinyl, lim. edition), LP

Absurd (SWE) - discography '91-'92 (black vinyl, lim. edition)

For first time in the history the full discography of this obscure Swedish death metal band. This release contains the 7'' EP Drained Of Body Chemicals (recorded at the infamous Sunlight Studios by Tomas Skoberg back in '91) and released by the cult U.S label Seraphic Decay as well as an unreleased gig in Idebrunnen in '92(7 songs), which consists of 3 unreleased songs, supposed to be included on the next Absurd release as well as the 3 songs of the EP and a Pungent Stench cover recorded live. All the songs have been re-mastered for the best possible result and new artwork, representative of the album's spirit. All in all 10 tracks of Swedish death metal history of the early 90's when death metal was making its first steps in Sweden and later progressed to the infamous Swedish sound. This release also includes a lengthy interview of the band to Nicola Constantini (featured on his book The Return Swedish Death Metal) as well as a collage of rare and unpublished bands photos. Recommended for fans of Nihilist/Entombed, Carnage/Dismember, Grave, Treblinka, Crematory, Grotesque, Excruciate etc.

1. Storm Of Malevolence
2. Drained Of Body Chemicals
3. See Through Me
4. Dark Borebounding Bliss Live
5. Soulwound Live
6. Storm Of Malevolence Live
7. See Through Me Live
8. Decline The Faithfull Live
9. Drained Of Body Chemicals Live
10. Suspended Animation

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