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Funeral - Funeral, s/t, same (CD)

Funeral - s/t, same (CD)

Funeral were formed by Eric Cutler when Autopsy split along with Autopsy/Death member Steve Digorgio. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from 1996. The material is in a similar vein to "Fiend For Blood" and "Acts Of The Unspeakable" with Eric's trademark creepy riffs and gloomy atmosphere throughout.This is a truly obscure gem of mid nineties Death Metal!

- Aphelion Productions 2010 (AP056)
- EAN: nicht vorhanden

Demo 96
1. Dead Stare 2:22
2. Funeral 4:05
3. Mourning 1:56
4. I Hate I Kill 2:17
5. Cold Instinct 1:49
6. Place Of The Skull 1:11

Funeral Rehearsal 1996
7. Mortem 3:10 Instrumental
8. Mudra 2:07 Instrumental
9. Undine 4:20 Instrumental
10. Avith 4:35

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