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Yac÷psae - tanz Grosny tanz (black vinyl), LP

After many years delayed its finally done! 25 fast HC/Punk Sonx in the typical YACÍPSAE style! Angry vocals, tight & fastest drumms, down tuned basslines! A must for freaks! Excellent sound that breakes your necks, dudes! Official re-press of probably the best Yac├Âpase LP. Nothing can be faster than Hamburg's top turboboner speed herb violence master. They've been delivering stop-and-go hyperblasts of fast-paced hardcore rage for more than 25 years. The real key of how the formula short + fast + loud should be handled is all here. Remastered and the artwork has been reworked.

- limited edition in black vinyl

A1 Tanz, Grosny, Tanz ... 0:49
A2 Bedeutungslos 0:49
A3 Drama 1:11
A4 Verbrannt 0:52
A5 Eiland 1:10
A6 Fńulnis 1:07
A7 A.(R)Sch 1:17
A8 Profilneurotiker 0:58
A9 Themenabend 1:05
A10 Drahtseilakt 1:06
A11 Deutschnazional 1:34
A12 Adenauer 0:43
A13 Frost 1:51

B1 Narrenkappe 1:04
B2 Antagonismus 0:48
B3 Maranatha 0:53
B4 Kreislaufkollaps 1:33
B5 Erkenntnistheorie 0:40
B6 Herz 0:59
B7 Nebenraum 0:52
B8 Hassbatzen 0:49
B9 Metaphysik 0:13
B10 Sch(w)ein 1:58
B11 Skalpiert 0:48
B12 Vogelfrei 2:43

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