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Terrorizer (L.A.) - before the downfall (Digi-2-CD)

Deluxe double CD housed in a thick 8 panel digipack with 2 booklets (38 pages in total) featuring extensive interviews, loads of never-seen-before photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more! The ultimate collection from Los Angeles? godfathers of GRIND, the one and only... TERRORIZER!

This monsterwork starts off with "Collapse", a completely unreleased song from the ?World downfall? studio session unearthed from the band's secret archives.. next is an alternative take of their split tape with NAUSEA (1988) that sounds like machine-gun fire in the face and then you can enjoy all their existing demos and early works in astonishingly great sound quality, mastered with total audiophile passion from the best sounding sources in existence!! Some of these recordings are the reason why Shane Embury of Napalm Death back in his tape-trading days got completely crazy for them and persuaded Earache to sign them and bring to light "World downfall" (when the band was already on hiatus). "Countless blast warriors still strive for this classic sound and catchy song structure, but no one can match it on Oscar Garcia's pitch(less) caveman growl! This is the perfect storm of incredible songwriting and recording quality" (Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer / Agoraphobic Nosebleed about "World downfall"). 46 SONGS of bulldozing L.A. Grindcore, all the classics you want to hear included!

CD 1
Unreleased Track from "World Downfall" Studio Session 1989
1 Collapse
Unreleased Demo 12/1987 (Original Version / Pre Split Demo Tape)
2 Ripped To Shreds
3 Corporation Pull-In
4 After World Obliteration
5 Human Prey
6 Strategic Warheads
7 Fall Out
8 Infestation
Split Demo Tape with Nausea 1/1988
9 Corporation Pull-In
10 Human Prey
11 Infestation
12 Ripped To Shreds
13 Strategic Warheads
14 After World Obliteration
15 Outro
Nightmares Demo 24/1/1987
16 Nightmares
17 Benediction
18 Mayhem
19 Terror
20 Crematorium
21 The Dead Shall Rise
Live at Silverlake Motel Los Angeles, CA 2/10/87
22 And We Suffer...

CD 2
Rehearsal/Demo 25/4/1987
1 Strategic Warheads
2 After World Obliteration
3 Human Prey
4 Resurrection
5 Re-Animator
6 Ripped To Shreds
7 Dead Shall Rise
8 Mayhem
9 Crematorium
Bonus Rehearsal 1987
10 Funeral Bitch
Rehearsal/Demo 22/8/1987
11 After World Obliteration
12 Fear Napalm
13 Fallout
14 Ripped To Shreds
15 Resurrection
16 Barely Alive
17 Human Prey
18 Nuclear Dismemberment
19 Maggot Infestation
Rehearsal 25/10/1987
20 Evil Dead
Live at Hoover Auditiorium LA, CA 21/3/87
21 Crematorium
22 Re-Animator
23 Benediction
24 Evil Dead

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