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Heimdalls Wacht - Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm (CD)

Heimdalls Wacht - Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm (CD)

Heimdalls Wacht is a German pagan black metal band formed in 2004. They define their style as "pagane Tonkunst", meaning "pagan musical art" . So far they have released four full-length albums. It's hard to find any samples of the band, as they neither have a myspace nor a proper homepage, but at least their latest album is definitely worth buying! I haven't listened to the other albums yet, but "Nichtorte" is just amazing!

1 Visionen Des Sieges 7:33
2 Der Glanz Der Schwarzen Sonne 6:17
3 Die Letzte Runenmeisterin 5:42
4 Mönsterland, Min Heimatland 4:35
5 Ostarafest 3:45
6 Unser Westfalenlied 8:35
7 Die Wahrheit Gegen Die Welt 6:36
8 Der Verwaiste Thron – Ein Requiem 8:47
9 Moonlit Foggy Fields 6:04
10 Und Aller Glanz Schwand 2:14

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