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Into Darkness - sinister demise (CD)

Into Darkness - sinister demise (CD)


Into Darkness’s music does not hestitate to take inspiration from the various different wings of death metal. The way these elements are made to work together, is an indicator of the band’s song writing prowess. On tracks like ‘Throne of a Thousand Miseries’ (which premiered here) and ‘Manifesto’ (which premiered here), listeners get to hear elements from thrash / death, groove, slam, melodic death metal and even technical death metal.

1 Intro
2 Left Behind
3 Throne Of Thousand Miseries
4 The Rulers Of This World
5 Manifesto
6 Sinister Demise
7 Human Benediction
8 Suspended Insanity
9 Spiritual Remains
10 Suffering (a) Reality

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