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Inquisition - magnificent glorification of lucifer (CD)

Inquisition - magnificent glorification of lucifer (CD)


Harsh but melodic and catchy riffing combined perfectly with blasting outbursts and dark, moody passages that are strengthened by rasping vocals with a sinister raven-like quality.

1 Baptized In Black Goat Blood 3:38
2 Crush The Jewish Prophet 2:54
3 Under The Black Inverted Pentagram 5:08
4 Of Blood And Darkness We Are Born 4:27
5 Dark Mutilation Rites 4:07
6 Magnificent Glorification Of Lucifer 4:18
7 Impaled By The Cryptic Horns Of Baphomet 3:19
8 We Summon The Winds Of Fire (For The Burning Of All Holiness) 4:15
9 Eternal Loyalty To Our Lord Satan 5:19
10 Outro 13:45

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