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Cauldron - in ruin (CD, US Version)

Cauldron - in ruin (CD)


Canadian heavy metal band Cauldron formed in Toronto, Ontario, back in 2006. Since then they have released the »Into The Cauldron« EP in 2007, as well as three full-length albums: Chained To The Nite (2009), Burning Fortune (2011), Tomorrow’s Lost (2012) plus the Moonlight Desires EP (2014).The band has toured the world with the likes of Municipal Waste, Death Angel, Nevermore, Diamond Head, Enforcer, and in the summer of 2013, were invited to play Metallica’s Orion Fest in Detroit. Here their fourth studio album In Ruin after a long time. For the new album the trio returned to the Lincoln County Social Club recording studio in their home town of Toronto, where they recorded two of their previous albums, namely Burning Fortune (2011) and Tomorrow’s Lost (2012). Co-produced by Chris Stringer, In Ruin is sure to deliver more riffs, more attitude and more traditional metal to the band’s growing army of fans.

The End Records US pressing!!!

01. No Return / In Ruin
02. Empress
03. Burning At Both Ends
04. Hold Your Fire
05. Come Not Here
06. Santa Mira
07. Corridors Of Dust
08. Delusive Serenade
09. Outrance

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