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Sanatorium - celebration of exhumation / infernal womb cannibalism (CD)

Sanatorium - celebration of exhumation / infernal womb cannibalism (CD)

SANATORIUM is European death metal band. Started back in 1994, it is already more than 11 years of spreading sickness and brutality. Sanatorium recorded 3 demos (Subculture-1005, Autumn Shadows-1996, Necrologue-1998) and debut album "Arrival of the forgotten ones" - 1999 in more melodic way of death metal. After those recordings Sanatorium changed line-up drastically and musick as well... more brutal, more gore, more sick!!! Following albums are recorded in brutal death metal way: Internal womb cannibalism-2001 Goresoaked reincarnation-2004 Fetus rape MCD-2003 Celebration of exhumation-2004. At the moment Sanatorium supports latest album "Celebration of exhumation" with intensive live actions, touring in Europe a lot and plays various festivals!!! Keep it fucking brutal!!!

Celebration Of Exhumation
1 Desecrated-Decapitated 3:11
2 Human Trophies 4:17
3 Fetus Rape 3:16
4 A Pile Of Skulls 2:19
5 Violent Intercourse 3:20
6 Shapeless And Decomposed 3:20
7 Oral Fistfuck 2:57
8 Born Dead 4:11
9 Rectum Hook 3:36
Internal Womb Cannibalism
10 Symptomps 1:06
11 Postmortal Gorephobia 2:26
12 Killing 3:51
13 That Cunts Name Is Heather 2:59
14 Intravenous Ejaculation 3:08
15 Penis Epidermis Inflammation 2:32
16 The False Prophet 3:56
17 Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy 3:13
18 Dunwich Morgue 2:44
19 Dead Virgin Whore 3:28
20 Internal Womb Cannibalism 2:30
21 Final Goremageddon 1:14
Video Fetus Rape

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