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Japanische Kampfhöspiele - Hardcore aus der ersten Welt (CD)

Japanische Kampfhöspiele - Hardcore aus der ersten Welt (CD)

13 tracks of over the top quirky and frenetic grind from this German act. This is a little more out there than their last EP, building around a similar foundation of speedy grindcore, but coming off as totally frantic with unexpected shifts between burly, groovy brutal death metal, energetic crossover hardcore/punk, straight up classic grindcore, moderately chaotic and technical riffs, and then some... all within songs that average around two minutes each! The vocals shift from insane high-end screams with a little distortion to vicious low growls, often layered together for added effect, so the complete picture is one that's kind of all over the place, but effectively so, and with really tight performances.

1. Verpackt in Plastik 02:58
2. Zimmer 2.407b 01:58
3. Abflussbestattung 03:36
4. Es lernt sich von selbst 04:25
5. Wir werden Gott 01:54
6. Du warst mein Ritalin 02:14
7. 8.0 02:04
8. Das Gift ist da 02:17
9. Koscher 02:21
10. Im Schlafanzug zu Plus 00:17
11. Chemie 01:54
12. Zieh die Jacke falschrum an 01:50
13. Was meinst Du? 03:10

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