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Sledgehammer Nosejob - Stop! Hammertime! (CD)

Sledgehammer Nosejob - Stop! Hammertime! (CD)

The Dutch newcomers SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB are a side-project of two guys from MASSIVE ASSAULT. And the album “Stop! Hammertime!” is their first physical release after a bunch of demo songs available for download through their bandcamp site. With a name and an album title like those chosen, you somehow won't expect classical Death Metal from SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB. So it wasn't a big surprise that the album might be based on Death Metal, but works up a lot of different, yet fitting styles to a rocking Death Metal steamhammer. The short opening tune 'Sledgehammer Bitch' already surprises with a deadly dose of Rock'n'Roll, the hardest way. And the longer you listen to “Stop! Hammertime!”, the more you find out that these guys and their attitude are too cool to be stereotyped. This unique mix that also features elements of Thrash Metal, Crust, D-Beat and a Punk Rock gesture that says: “Fuck it! Let's rock!”. That middle finger high in the air, you know! And that's the reason why this album gave me a jolly good time listening to it, thanks to rocking tunes like the programmatic 'Psycho Rocker' or ' Chainsaw Hank' that sends us regards from ZEKE as far as the feeling is concerned. But also the Death heavy tunes and the crusty songs are fine stuff like the demo song 'Darker Than Black' for example. And the final, a little epic '1347 - Black Death' is an unexpected end to an album that is focused on high energy stuff. In sum, SLEDGEHAMMER NOSEJOB put out a debut that packs a punch, kicks some ass and causes a good time.

1 Sledgehammer Bitch 01:55
2 Blind Or Damned 04:45
3 Crematorium 02:26
4 Crashing 02:54
5 Psycho Rocker 03:33
6 Barcoded Ordered Sold Packed And Shipped 02:38
7 Chainsaw Hank 03:04
8 Pathological Liar 02:28
9 Darker Than Black 04:08
10 1347 Black Death 05:22

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