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Batushka - litourgiya (Digi CD, lim. 500)

Litourgiya is the debut album from the mysterious Polish entity Batushka, which seemingly flew in under the radar at the tail end of 2015. Black metal and doom metal have never being so well blended before. The band tuned their guitars so low that at some points they sound like distorted basses! The slow pace of the first songs slowly accelerates until it reaches a raging tempo with the exception of the second song that is very fast. Another thing that you will notice is the harrowing atmosphere of the record. There is a gloomy feeling lurking in every track, starting from the very first second and finishing when the album ends.
Exclellent debut! Embrace the essence of musical ecstasy, fascination, passion and the urge to create... the substitute of modernity and classical perfection, a road to freedom... It's a distinct world of sounds lavishing us with all their divine glory, sounds of liberation, sounds of spiritual spheres, sounds of harmony...

Comes in a 6-panel digipak, limited to 500 copies!!!.

1 Ектения • I • Очищение 5:45
2 Ектения • II • Благословение 4:22
3 Ектения • III • Премудрость 4:51
4 Ектения • IV • Милость 5:19
5 Ектения • V • Святый Вход 6:00
6 Ектения • VI • Уповане 4:13
7 Ектения • VII • Истина 5:34
8 Ектения • VIII • Спасение 5:09

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