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Urgehal - massive terrestrial strike (black vinyl), LP

Urgehal - massive terrestrial strike (black vinyl), LP

The second attack of Norwegian black metal band Urgehal shows improvement of production from their previous release Arma Christi, which although featuring great songs could have used some more power to the sound. This album has a lot of power to it, and is a much more intense release. This album really stands as the blueprint for the rest of their career, harsh aggressive and old school hymns to satan, evilness and death. The lyrics aren't as good as on Through Thick Fog Till Death, but they work in the context of the recording, which is highly hate filled, anti-Christian and old school in intent with some occultic aspects.

LP repress, not gatefold LP, Black Vinyl + A4 Insert!!!

1 The Sodomizer 4:45
2 The Saturnine Denomination 4:59
3 Supreme Evil 6:49
4 Image Of The Horned King 5:40
5 Tellus DÝd / Armageddons Svoepe 2:02
6 Apocalyptic Destruction 6:41
7 Flames Of Black Candles 5:47

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