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Arroganz - Primitiv (black vinyl), LP

Arroganz - Primitiv (black vinyl), LP

3 years are gone since Tod & Teufel, the last ARROGANZ album came out. Now the time has come to unleash a brandnew beast, entitled simply "PRIMITIV". But no, it doesn't sound primitive or simple, here waiting 6 new songs and with no doubt ARROGANZ' best written material so far. It would be just to easy to call it Death or blackened Death's more than this...

Gatefold cover, 140 gram vinyl, black vinyl only, free download code.

01. Pilgrim
02. Obliviate
03. Strait Paths & Grave Walls
04. Another God, Dead
05. Cortege
06. Sepulchral Cold

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Arroganz - Primitiv (CD)

Arroganz - Primitiv (CD)
9.90 EUR

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