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Mordbrand / Bombs Of Hades - no Life (black vinyl), 10inch Split-MLP

Fantastic Old School Swedish Death Metal! People from God Macabre, The Law, The Crown, Abhoth and so on… "Volvo-döds" in the purest form! Mordbrand and Bombs Of Hades are two of the most prominent Death Metal units in the swedish underground today. Both bands consist of veterans known from bands such as God Macabre, Abhoth, The Crown, The Law and Tribulation. Mordbrand serves the listener with thee original deadly tracks - mixing old school brutality, doom, d-beat madness and haunting melodic structures. Bombs Of Hades delivers their usual skullcrushing power with the original track "Burn" as well as a fantastic cover of the Motörhead classic "I'll be your sister".

Limited to 800 black copies, regular sleeve, printed innersleeve.

A1 Mordbrand Idol Of The Abattoir
A2 Mordbrand The Eternal Feast Of Annihilation
A3 Mordbrand With Lidless Eyes
B1 Bombs Of Hades Burn
B2 Bombs Of Hades I'll Be Your Sister

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Manufacturer/Brand: Carnal Records

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