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Veld - daemonic: the art of dantalian (black vinyl, lim. 400), LP

This is the fourth album from Belarus Death Metallers Veld. Sometimes, only Death Metal will do. Sometimes, itís the only thing you want to hear. To someone like me an album like this is right up my street, so to speak. Here we have a flawlessly produced album that has a shockingly strong sound and contains Death Metal thatís non-generic and padded out with interesting enhancements and ideas. Some top riffing and melodies accompany the skilful drumming. Quasi-Black Metal influences make the cut too and it all adds character to the assault.

Limited to 400 handnumbered regular black vinyl with 8 pages huge booklet included.

1 The Sweet Sound Of Torment 02:04
2 World In Obscure 06:35
3 Constant Suffering 04:10
4 Endless Spiritual Paranoia 04:56
5 Lost But Never Forgotten 01:51
6 Merciless And The Innocents 04:58
7 Conquerors Of All Icons 05:33
8 Love - Anguish - Hate 05:20
9 In Eternal Waiting 04:24
10 Annihilation Of Divinity (Trust Upon Ignorance) 08:19

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