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Exciter - new testament (CD)

Exciter - new testament (CD)

Exciter was first formed in 1978 in Ottawa, Canada under the name Hell Razor. They changed their name into Exciter, yes like the song of Judas Priest, yes it is on purpose, yes this is heavy metal a la Priest. They changed about 4552 times their line-up through the years, released nine albums (New Testament is the tenth officially, even if it's a best-of), and so they can be considered as surviving dinosaurs in the metal world.

Brasil Pressing!!!

1 Rising Of The Dead
2 Violence & Force
3 Rule With An Iron Fist
4 Rain Of Terror
5 Brutal Warning
6 Victims Of Sacrifice
7 The Dark Command
8 I Am The Beast
9 Pounding Metal
10 Stand Up & Fight
11 Heavy Metal Maniac
12 Blackwitch
13 Burn At The Stake
14 Long Live And Loud
15 Ritual Death

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