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Rebaelliun - burn the promised land (black vinyl), LP

Rebaelliun - burn the promised land (black vinyl), LP

When you think of Brazilian Old School Death Metal bands you think in Krisiun, Sarcofago or Old Sepultura but nobody seems to remember Rebaelliun. Well, thatís a shame. Rebaelliun were perhaps one of the most technical, fast and brutal hordes out there. So, this is the first release from these guys and it totally destroys!

Limited edition in black vinyl.

A1 At War
A2 ...And The Immortals Shall Rise
A3 Killing For The Domain
A4 Spawning The Rebellion
A5 Flagellation Of Christ (The Revenge Of King Beelzebuth)
B1 Hell's Decree
B2 The Legacy Of Eternal Wrath
B3 Burn The Promised Land
B4 Triumph Of The Unholy Ones

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