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Brutal Truth - end time (CD)

Grindcore is a rage-filled form of art that has been tried and true for nearly twenty years with very few bands have been able to perfect the aggressive nature of it, and Brutal Truth are one of the American Godfathers in that respect. Since 1990 we’ve seen Brutal Truth taken a few different musical forms, but always with keeping the straight-forward death metal/grindcore style their fans love. I know for a fact that I was not the only one who was very happy to hear about the band coming back to life after an eight year hiatus in 2006, and they subsequently released a couple split albums, an EP, and their return-to-form full-length entitled, “Evolution Through Revolution“. It was a time when us grindfreaks could hardly be satiated by what the rest of the metal world was giving us, and what Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault, ex-Exit 13, Venemous Concept), Rich Hoak (Total Fucking Destruction, ex-Exit 13), Erik Burke (Kalibas, Sulaco, ex-Nuclear Assault), and Kevin Sharp (Venemous Concept, ex-S.O.B.) gave their fans was something much different than what we had thought would be released.

1 Malice 3:27
2 Simple Math 1:26
3 End Time 1:58
4 Fuck Cancer 0:59
5 Celebratory Gunfire 1:28
6 Small Talk 1:41
7 .58 Caliber 0:54
8 Swift And Violent (Swift Version) 0:47
9 Crawling Man Blues 1:41
10 Lottery 1:11
11 Warm Embrace Of Poverty 3:47
12 Old World Order 1:25
13 Butcher 2:55
14 Killing Planet Earth 1:28
15 Gut-Check 2:36
16 All Work And No Play 1:35
17 Addicted 2:04
18 Sweet Dreams 1:31
19 Echo Friendly Discharge 1:49
20 Twenty Bag 0:45
21 Trash 0:05
22 Drink Up 3:43
23 Control Room 15:21

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