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Arckanum - antikosmos (Pic - LP)

Arckanum - antikosmos (Pic - LP)

Although Arckanum started as a folk-oriented, fairly atmosphere-centered black metal band with such absurd promotional pictures and confusing vocals that it was frankly difficult to take seriously, the project transformed into something quite different after Shamaatae, the sole musician, reanimated Arckanum after it had been mothballed for a lenghty period of time. Those assuming "Antikosmos" to be anything like the 90s material will make a grave mistake should they write off the projects current form. The misty atmosphere and the vaguely comical folk frolicing is largely gone, replaced with focus on intense, melodic black metal riffing in the best tradition of Gorgoroth and some of Dawn's Slaughtersun – it's more Bergtrollets Hevn than Gava Fran Trulen now.

"Antikosmos" is imbued with lenghty atmospheric passages featuring background noises and Shamaatae’s emanations, apparently regarding the destruction of the universe and cosmos.

Limited picture vinyl edition!

A1 Svarti 6:02
A2 Dauđmellin 4:34
A3 Rřkulfargnýr 5:04
A4 Blóta loka 5:14
B1 Nákjeptir 4:06
B2 Eksortna 1:29
B3 Sú vitran 6:25
B4 Formála 4:06

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