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Acheron - the final conflict: last days of god (CD)

This can't be good for Christianity. It never is. The Final Conflict: Last Days of God comes out in celebration of two decades of ACHERON's Satanic death metal, as led by founder, vocalist, bassist, anti-Christian propagandist and former Church of Satan member, and self-described heathen Vincent Crowley (ex-NOCTURNUS). The message is not veiled in metaphor, The Final Conflict: Last Days of God is a title to be taken literally and the album's lyrical themes follow suit. Considering the Cerberus on the front cover to the pictures of church burnings in the booklet to a lyrical concept about the fall of the world's three major white light religions (Islam, Christianity, and Judaism).

1. The Apocalypse 6:48
2. Rise Of Rebellion 5:45
3. Blood Oath (Pactum Tacitium) 5:30
4. I Am Heathen 4:14
5. Godless(We Are Gods!) 4:59
6. Salvation Through Hatred 4:41
7. Power And Might 6:07
8. Millennium's End 4:42
9. A New Age 5:47
10. Anno Armageddon 2:45

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