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Raw Noise Apes / SxOxTxE (black vinyl), 10inch MLP

Amazing split 10Inch MLP! Pure oldschool grind core! A 10inch with the two mot exciting old school grindcore from Europe: Raw Noise Apes from Greece and SxOxTxE (Scum of the Earth) form Hungary!

Limited vinyl in black wax!

A1 Raw Noise Apes Exposed To Mental Sadism
A2 Raw Noise Apes Inner Self Freaks Outer Self Pricks
A3 Raw Noise Apes Deconstruction Transcedental Existence
A4 Raw Noise Apes Knowledge Deformity
A5 Raw Noise Apes What Has Been What Is Left
A6 Raw Noise Apes IxNxRxIx (Intergalactic Nihilistic Renaissance Front)
A7 Raw Noise Apes Straightlaced Apes
B1 SxOxTxE Intro
B2 SxOxTxE Domestic Death Camp
B3 SxOxTxE 1 God, 1 Fuhrer, 4 Crematoria
B4 SxOxTxE Scum Of The Earth
B5 SxOxTxE Mechanization Of Life
B6 SxOxTxE Bureaucracy of extinction
B7 SxOxTxE Ghettoized
B8 SxOxTxE End Product
B9 SxOxTxE Fear Of Prison
B10 SxOxTxE Mentally Colonised
B11 SxOxTxE Centipede
B12 SxOxTxE Escape From The World Of Stone

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Manufacturer/Brand: Grindfather Productions

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