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Inferno - Anti Hagenbach Tape - the beginning (CD)

Inferno - Anti Hagenbach Tape - the beginning (CD)

A dream comes true!! Almost more than 30 years ago four punkrock teenager from south of Germany found the Hardcore/punk band Inferno, there one only motivation was being louder, faster and harder as the British crust punk pioneers of Discharge. Early '83 they are recording their classic "Anti Hagenbach Tape", at these time the world fastest, loudest and rawest material. 24 tracks of pure energy and tightness. Hardcore/ Punk at its best. In the mid-80 Inferno are worldwide well know (most known) hardcore from Germany, also metal heads know the name Inferno, the famous cover track "Ram It Up" from S.O.D. which is original performed by Inferno.

1 Wir Sind Schon Tot
2 So Sind Wir
3 Perfekter Mensch
4 Ronald Reagan
5 Wodka
6 Escape From Society
7 Linke Sau
8 Moorsoldaten
9 Liebeslied
10 Steinkopf
11 Massenmord
12 Administration
13 Life At War
14 Wäh
15 Freitod
16 Tod + Zerstörung
17 Ziel Deutschland
18 Ram It Up
19 1983
20 Nationalgefühl
21 Gott Ist Tot
22 Birne Muss Kanzler Bleiben
23 K.K.K.
24 Tod

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