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Nuclear Holocaust / Leb Prosiaka - s/t (Split-Digi CD)

So let’s grind it out with a split EP by Nuclear Holocaust and Łeb Prosiaka. The first half of the split is Łeb Prosiaka. Their opener “Konstytucja”is a moody e-grind/noisy song that sounds like it was recorded in a sewer. The track never picks up and sticks with a slower, electronic tempo. Nuclear Holocaust is the punkier/crustier/grindier band that gets down to business. “Nailed to Nuclear Cross” is a crusty slab of pure aggression that really gets the adrenaline going. Hell, the song sounds like it was recorded in the 80s and just now put up on the internet. The raw fury is enough to snap your neck. And its counterpart “Second Coming” isn’t’ any different. It starts out like a hardcore/punk song and goes grind in between sections with circle pit sensibilities.

Limited to 500 copies.

1 Łeb Prosiaka Konstytucja 03:49
2 Łeb Prosiaka Sior By Me 03:42
3 Łeb Prosiaka 16 Chujów 01:51
4 Łeb Prosiaka Między Twoje Cyce 02:24
5 Łeb Prosiaka Wyciek Z Dupy 01:41
6 Łeb Prosiaka PiS Do Waty 00:53
7 Łeb Prosiaka Daj Odbyta 02:34
8 Nuclear Holocaust Turn the Key Push the Button 02:58
9 Nuclear Holocaust Biosatanism 01:28
10 Nuclear Holocaust Nailed to the Nuclear Cross 02:27
11 Nuclear Holocaust Second Comming 02:14
12 Nuclear Holocaust Mass Grave 02:26

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