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Mucupurulent - sicko baby + Demos (clear red vinyl, lim. 200), 2-LP

Mucupurulents debut album for the first time on vinyl. This classic album of german goregrind enlarge the scene back in the days to a new groovy way of gory Grind 'n Roll. Together with bands like Impetigo, Gut, Regurgitate or Last Days Of Humanity, MUCUPURULENT related to the dinosours of the scene. This deluxe vinyl edition contains the "Sicko Baby" Album 1997, the "Bizarre Tales Of The Abnormal" Demo '95 and the "Remind The Bizarre" Tracks from split 7" w. Cabal released in 1998.

Limited to 200 clear red 2-LPs in gatefold included bonus track from cult-legendary "Bizarre tales of the abnormal" Demo 1995 and the "Remind the bizarre" from Split-EP with Cabal, Printed Sheet und Download Code.

A1 Lacerated Tits
A2 Fistfucked Barby
A3 Scrotal Hernia
A4 Oral Sex Masturbation
A5 Mangled To The Gore
A6 Pussy Berserker
A7 Suborbital Ejaculation
A8 Abhorrent Dissection
A9 Splattering Nirvana
A10 Vaginal Cance
A11 Gay´s Erection
B1 Cumshot Messiah
B2 Stainless Spoon
B3 Corroded Testicles
B4 Splatter Whore
B5 Fistfucked Barby
B6 Spermsoaked Bitchconsumer
B7 Pierced by a Driller
B8 Extra Uterine Pregnancy
B9 Urethral Discharge
B10 Outtakes
C1 Corroded Testicles
C2 Strangled Bitch + Rectovesical Pouch Of Peritoneum
C3 Spermsoaked Bitch Consumer
C4 Vacinal Cancer
C5 Lacerated Tits
C6 Vaginal Cancer
C7 Anal Intruder + Orific Of Urethra + Cavity Of The Cervix
C8 Oral Sex Masturbation
C9 Stainless Spoon
C10 Fotzenkrebs
C11 Pussy Berserker
C12 Gay´s Erection
C13 Splatterwhore

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