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Children Of Technology - apocalyptic compendium - 10 years in chaos, noise and warfare (CD)

Children Of Technology - apocalyptic compendium - 10 years in chaos, noise and warfare (CD)

For a decade now, Italian speed metal punks Children of Technology have been ruling the post-apocalyptic wasteland with their own brand of crazed 'n' crusty warfare noise. The band come from the Northeast Italy and since the first formation in 2007 the intention has been to spread this nihilistic perception of the world.
After two critically acclaimed albums like 2010's "It's Time to Face the Doomsday" and 2014's "Future Decay", now Children of Technology return with a career-spanning collection of singles and splits. Fittingly titled Apocalyptic Compendium – 10 Years in Chaos, Noise and Warfare, this exhaustive 17-track compilation displays the band in all their ragged glory, rushing through nearly 50 minutes of pure, nitrous-infused metal punk. Listening to COT means to enter in a dystopian world full of chaos, fury and anger. They could be the perfect soundtrack for a Mad Max movie. The hopeless attitude that comes from punk is the cornerstone of each track and they increase the sound with and outrageous speed.

1 Deathsquad Bombing In Downtown
2 Mayhemic Speed Anarchy
3 Computer World
4 Submit to Extinction
5 Postnuclear Quarantine 2011 A.D.
6 Chaosmutant Hordes
7 Rise of the Nightrider
8 On the Road Again
9 V8 Nitro Engine
10 Give Me Gasoline or Give Me Death
11 You Don’t Move Me (I Don’t Give a Fuck)
12 Children of Technology (Intro)
13 Postnuclear Quarantine
14 No Fuel, No Hope
15 The Road Warriors
16 Vultures Over Cities in Flames
17 Death's Fury

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