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Vinterriket - Horizontmelancholie (Digi Dualdisc CD+DVD)

Vinterriket - Horizontmelancholie (Digi Dualdisc CD+DVD)

Vinterriket was born in 1996 as a one-man project in order to capture the dark side of nature. "Horizontmelancholie" features 7 tracks full of coldness, melancholy and chilling atmospheres. "Horizontmelancholie" is a pure NeoFolk masterpiece and a tribute to the darkest side of mother nature. Haunting and cold electronic soundscapes are mixed with atmospheric acoustic guitars and clean vocals. "Horizontmelancholie" is a conceptual album, a masterpiece of haunting and evocative aural tapestries, an emotive display of tension and calm. A darkened imagery of shadowed forests and expansive still landscapes. Join the journey into the deepest side of the forest and get lost in misty, snow-covered hills and majestic mountain landscapes.

DualDisc - in Digipak DVDplus is a double-sided disc with audio on one side and video on the other side!

One side CD:
1 Schattengeräusche 5:02
2 Durch Die Weiten Der Landschaft 8:21
3 Herbstreich 8:40
4 Irrlichterscheinung 8:43
5 Bergtal 8:16
6 Wogen Des Firmamentes 8:41
7 Waldkult 8:17
One side DVD:
1 Schattengeräusche 5:29
2 Durch Die Weiten Der Landschaft 8:41
3 Herbstreich 9:00
4 Irrlichterscheinung 9:03
5 Bergtal 8:36
6 Wogen Des Firmamentes 9:03
7 Waldkult 8:35
8 Horizontmelancholie 1:27

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