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Exhumed - slaughtercult (yellow-orange half and half oxblood splatter), 2-LP

First time on regular vinyl (previously only available as subpar picture disc)! Exhumed deliver blazing, blood-soaked brutality forged in fire and formed in flame. Slaughtercult inflicts a bludgeoning battery of flesh-shredding, casket-crushing metal mania!!

Limited in orange/yellow half and half with heavy oxblood red splatter. All copies comes with a bonus rehearsal LP in the shape of a saw blade!

A1 Decrepit Crescendo
A2 Forged In Fire (Formed In Flame)
A3 A Lesson In Pathology
A4 This Axe Was Made To Grind
A5 Carnal Epitaph
A6 Dinnertime In The Morgue

B1 Fester Forever
B2 Deep Red
B3 Infester
B4 Slave To The Casket
B5 Slaugthercult
B6 Funeral Fuck
B7 Vacant Grave

C1 Totally Fucking Dead
C2 A Lesson In Pathology
C3 Forged In Fire (Forged In Flame)
C4 Slave To The Casket
C5 Dinnertime In The Morgue (Unreleased Version)

D1 Emeticide
D2 Decrepit Crescendo
D3 This Axe Was Meant To Grind
D4 Pus Grinder
D5 Decrepit Crescendo (Re-Recorded 2014)
D6 Slaughtercult (Re-Recorded 2014)
D7 Vacant Grave (Re-Recorded 2014)

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Manufacturer/Brand: Hells Headbangers

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