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Mortiis - the song of a long forgotten ghost (black vinyl, lim. 450), LP

Mortiis' “Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost” is simply magical. Beautiful, repetitive melodies that put the listener under a hypnotic trance. Mortiis has had an interesting career, from co-founding black metal legends Emperor to helping set off the new genre of dungeon synth, to now leading a pretty solid industrial metal outfit. This is the magic of Mortiis, and to a greater extent, the magic of dungeon synth. It's ambient music for the medieval minded metalhead. Serious listening for any fan of the Norwegian black metal scene and anyone needing to escape this miserable current period and visit the darkness and mystery of the dark ages, to a time long past, long dead, long forgotten.

Black vinyl is limited to 450 pieces.

A The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost (A)

B The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost (B)

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