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Agathocles - Anno 1990: the Happy Land fire (black vinyl, lim. 300), LP

It´s 2020, the 35th birthday of AGATHOCLES!!! So what crazy things to do to make this year something special for this Mincecore anniversary?

Jan/AGx had the idea to press a series of eight 12”LP’s, with on each record, the complete sessions of the countless 7”EPs that AGATHOCLES have recorded during a period of more than 3 decades.

This first LP contains the complete recordings done on 28th October 1990. These songs were released on various split 7”EPs with bands such as M.O.M., BLOOD, NASUM, SMEGMA and PUTRID OFFAL. There´s also one song that that was put on the APOCALYPTIC CONVULSIONS compilation 10”, released by Charlie Infection, drummer from PSYCHO.

The covers of all 8 records of this series make up the complete triptych "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch.

Limited to 300 pieces!

A1 - consuming endoderme pus
A2 - four walls
A3 - let it be for what it is
A4 - pulverised
A5 - suffocation

B6 - theatric symbolisation of life
B7 - the tree
B8 - what a nerve
B9 - lack of personality
B10 - threshold to senility

Agathocles - commence to mince (CD)

Agathocles - commence to mince (CD)
9.90 EUR

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delivery time: 3-5 days*

Agathocles - mincing through the maples (Digi-CD)

Agathocles - mincing through the maples  (Digi-CD)
7.90 EUR

incl. VAT, plus shipping
delivery time: 3-5 days*
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