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Cock And Ball Torture - cocktales (CD)

Cock And Ball Torture - cocktales (CD)

The legendary debut album by German masters of heavy goregrind, Cock And Ball Torture, finally gets reissued with a totally revamped artwork. These guys forged a whole genre and among bands like Gut, Mucupurulent and Cabal, shaped a new way to conceive goregrind. Heavy, bulldozing music for extreme people!!!

1 The Taste Of Animal Sperm - The Orgasm Of A Hyena
2 After Master
3 Fresh Ejaculata
4 Scrotum Blast
5 Horny Hosier
6 The Cock And Ball Torture
7 Cuntkiller
8 Sperm-Orgy
9 She Sucks As Hard As She Can
10 Hymen
11 Phrentic Pussy Slasher
12 Frenzy Lesbians
13 Pussy Commando
14 Drowned In Sperm
15 Randy Rectum Fistfuck
16 Colonel Cunt

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