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Yacöpsae - fuck punk rock… this is turbo speed violence (black vinyl), LP

Finally this classic album of the Fastcore, Power-Violence band Yacöpsae from Hamburg, Northern Germany is re-released. In october 1997 Yacöpsae went to the Tank Records Studio in Wunstorf - Luthe, Germany to record twenty-one tracks (including the "Memories Of Tomorrow" cover, originally from Suicidal Tendencies) of extreme Thrashcore rage, the band delivers exactely what they are well-known for: ultrafast Power-Violence, Fastcore with amazing breakdowns and mid-paced bits. This output is a MUST HAVE for every fan of fast and extreme Punk music!

- standart edition on black vinyl
- pocket cover
- extra info insert

Seite Turbo-Speed
A1 Schizo 1:02
A2 Athe(chr)ist 0:44
A3 Matador 0:49
A4 Zwei Versuche 1:18
A5 Yvonne (Ein Trauerspiel) 1:17
A6 Memories Of Tomorrow – Suicidal Tendencies 1:01
A7 Grau In Grau 1:16
A8 Blind 1:06
A9 Noch Mehr Gestörte 0:26
A10 Fratze 1:18

Seite Violence
B1 Dekadenz 1:33
B2 Zirkus Der Gestörten 1:18
B3 Denken 1:21
B4 Zu Schwach 0:47
B5 Leer 0:47
B6 Kein Schöner Land 1:18
B7 Verkrustet 0:57
B8 Helden 0:51
B9 Hölle 0:40
B10 Sucht Bleibt Zucht 0:05
B11 Wie Geht's 1:04

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