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Yac÷psae / Irate Architect (black vinyl), 10inch MLP

Yac÷psae / Irate Architect (black vinyl), 10inch MLP

Germany's hardcore speed freaks team up with german death metal maniacs for one hell of blasting split!!! A total of 15x finest blasting.

- limited black vinyl

A1 Yac°psŠ Leichenstarre
A2 Yac°psŠ Efeu
A3 Yac°psŠ Kriegswirren
A4 Yac°psŠ Existenz
A5 Yac°psŠ Klandestin
A6 Yac°psŠ Farbenienmaleins
A7 Yac°psŠ Giftschrank
A8 Yac°psŠ Hakenkreuz
A9 Yac°psŠ Selbst Mit Leid
A10 Yac°psŠ Gift (Fur)
A11 Yac°psŠ Schacht

B1 Irate Architect Spitting Image
B2 Irate Architect Perfect Design
B3 Irate Architect Effacement
B4 Irate Architect Sun In Black Ruins

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