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Lividity - perverseverance (CD)

"Perseverance" is the fifth full length album released by the Illinoisian brutal Death Metal band IVIDITY. A pretty well known name in the brutal Death Metal underground, especially in the late 90s and in the early 2000s when this scene lived its golden age. During these years LIVIDITY released a bunch of killer titles such as the legendary "Fetish For The Sick" EP, the albums "The Age Of Clitorial Decay" and "...íTil Only The Sick Remain".
Here we have 12 songs for 36 minutes of grinding brutal Death Metal in the purest American way. "Perseverance" is violent, aggressive and brutal with catchy riffs and some slammy parts here and there. The drumming is intense and fast with many blastbeats and an extremely tight double bass. The distortion is fatty and heavy, the guitar work is coherent, semi-technical and never gets boring or redundant.

Limited clear yellow 12 inch vinyl in gatefold format.

1 Kill Then Fuck 03:23
2 The Pussy Horde 01:33
3 Meat For The Beast 03:01
4 Cumming With Labial Pulp 02:04
5 Whore Destroyer 04:33
6 Bitch Cunt Fuck 01:47
7 Violated In The Vatican 02:19
8 Parasitic Infestation 01:28
9 Something's Dead 03:22
10 Tampered Flesh 01:47
11 Pussy Lover-Salivation 05:33
12 Perverseverance 05:04

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