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The Haunted - the haunted made me do it (Slipcase CD+DVD)

THE HAUNTED "the haunted made me do it" what a board! Is this possibly the legitimate follow-up to Slayer's "Reign In Blood"? Anyway, THE HAUNTED's second album is the most ingenious Thrash sledgehammer in ages. The Northmen dismantle every home sound system with fine mechanical precision. The intensity with which THE HAUNTED go to work is impressive, although despite all the Slayer advances this is not a pure old school Thrash album.

- special edition with bonus DVD

Made Me Do It
CD-1 Dark Intentions 1:30
CD-2 Bury Your Dead 3:07
CD-3 Trespass 3:40
CD-4 Leech 4:39
CD-5 Hollow Ground 4:10
CD-6 Revelation 1:35
CD-7 The World Burns 4:10
CD-8 Human Debris 3:01
CD-9 Silencer 3:04
CD-10 Under The Surface 4:13
CD-11 Victim Iced 2:56

Caught On Tape
Akasaka Blitz Club, Tokyo, Japan 55:00
DVD-1 Dark Intentions
DVD-2 Bury Your Dead
DVD-3 Chasm
DVD-4 Trespass
DVD-5 Shattered
DVD-6 Hollow Ground
DVD-7 Chokehold
DVD-8 Leech
DVD-9 In Vein
DVD-10 Revelation
DVD-11 Bullethole
DVD-12 Silencer
DVD-13 Three Times
DVD-14 Undead
DVD-15 Blinded By Fear
DVD-16 Hate Song

KB, Malmö, Sweden 55:00
DVD-17 Dark Intentions
DVD-18 Bury Your Dead
DVD-19 Chasm
DVD-20 Trespass
DVD-21 Undead
DVD-22 Hollow Ground
DVD-23 Chokehold
DVD-24 Leech
DVD-25 Revelation
DVD-26 Bullethole
DVD-27 Three Times
DVD-28 In Vein
DVD-29 Silencer
DVD-30 Hate Song
DVD-31 Drum Solo
DVD-32 Blinded By Fear
DVD-33 Shattered

Bonus Features
DVD-34 Shithead
DVD-35 The Making Of One Kill Wonder

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