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Revenge - (black vinyl, lim. 400), LP

No brotherhood, no regrets, this is the Black Metal duo Revenge from Edmonton in Canada. With the 10 songs on "Behold, Total, Rejection", the band reached a new high point in terms of musical black metal violence & raging misanthropy. The sound is as mangy as ever, and anyone who knows Revenge knows how "Behold.Total.Rejection" sounds, and those who do not know it will not want to know great. As always, they move musically between their compatriots Blasphemy and the Black Witchery amis, but in contrast to those mentioned, occasionally pull on the handbrake.

- black vinyl
- 400 pieces worldwide

A1 Scum Defection (Outsider Neutralized) 3:55
A2 Shock Attrition (Control In Decline) 4:01
A3 Wolf Slave Protocol (Choose Your Side) 4:19
A4 Mass Death Mass 1:45
A5 Mobilization Rites 6:16

B1 Silent Enemy 4:28
B2 Desolation Insignia 4:26
B3 Hate Nomad 4:06
B4 E.T.H.R (Failure Erased) 1:26
B5 Nihilist Militant (Total Rejection) 6:13

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