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Gonorrhea Pussy - sleazography (black vinyl, lim. 300), LP

GONORRHEA PUSSY, one of the best and sickest porn/goregrind bands ever! This limited 12" LP contains the full discography of the band. The ultra rare demo "EXQUISITE LESSONS IN TREATING FEMINISTS THROUGH HUMILIATION" is also included. A must have for all porn/goregrind freaks and a real gem for your collection!

- limited to 300 copies in black vinyl
- download code
- inlay
- poster and stickers (as long supplies last)
- heavy, extra thick cardboard

Tracklist Exquisite Lessons In Treating Feminists Through Humiliation
A1 Intro - Duced To The Highest Forms Of Humiliation
A2 Gonorrhea Pussy
A3 Copremesis Lunchbag
A4 Anal-Fistula-Tongue-Taste
A5 Nailgun Castration (Part 1)
A6 Incestcontest (Demo)
A7 Pinworm Diarrhea Shower
A8 Nailgun Castration (Part 2)
A9 Elephantitis-Scat-Playball
A10 Epidermal Cyst Masturbator (Demo)
A11 Outro

Yellow Tea For Free
A12 Yellow Tea... For Free
A13 Consequence
A14 Vaginal Shotgun Death
A15 Epidermal Cyst Masturbator

Pleasures Far Beyond Erotica
B16 Pleasures Far Beyond Erotica
B17 Tampon Appetizer
B18 Caviar Candy
B19 Incestcontest
B20 Sub-Mission (Outro)

Fo(u)r The Gore And The Lustful Perversity
B21 Girl Slave Cave
B22 Erection Connection
B23 Anal Power Assault

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