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Evisorax - ascension catalyst (white-black splatter vinyl, lim. 300), LP

"Ascension Catalyst" is the second album by the UK Grinders EVISORAX! There is now a merciless grind on the ears! The songs are beaten through the ear canals at maximum speed and the vocals saw their way into the convolutions of the brain. With the song "Irkalla" there is a cool Death Metal song at the end. With over seven minutes, the clear outlier on the album. Most of the time there is shouting, but the Frowls don't miss out, the guitar work reminds of Bolt Thrower, as heavy and grinding as the guitars sound here.

- white-black splatter vinyl
- limited to 300 pieces only

A1 Gayatri 4:07
A2 Midnight Is For Regrets 0:59
A3 Hyperphysical Hyperarchy 0:49
A4 The Sun Behind The Sun 0:59
A5 Terrible Viper 1:00
A6 Ascension Catalyst 1:00
A7 Harsh Reality 1:24
A8 She-Mule 1:15

B1 Vasuki 0:47
B2 Magi Ultimogeniture 0:46
B3 Giving It Teeth 1:13
B4 Draw The Line 1:01
B5 Lucent Antecessor 1:13
B6 Fall Into Satori 1:26
B7 Irkalla 7:07

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