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Spasm - mystery of obsession (black vinyl, lim. 200), LP

The 5th album, still with out any guitars, just a bass, that's why they call it Drum'n'Bass Goregrind. It has been 6 long years since the "Drum'n' Bass Gigolo Goregrind" SPASM released their last album "Pussy(De)Luxe". The TRIO SPASM around the front pig Radim have created the grind summer album of the year with "Mystery Of Obsession".

- limited to 200 copies in standart black vinyl
- door hanger and BandCamp downloadcode

A1 Intro
A2 The Calm Before Orgasm Storm
A3 Full Of Pus
A4 Porn Boogie
A5 We Are Gods Of Sex
A6 Masturbation Never Breaks Your Heart
A7 Dick-Tator
A8 Garlic Sperman
A9 Paranormal Sexuality

B10 Perversion Is Your Freedom
B11 Body Conjuring
B12 Hymn To Hemorrhoids
B13 Raised By Porn
B14 Whip Of Chubby Goddess
B15 Lick It Really Deep
B16 Harvest Of Cocks
B17 The Eye Of Vulva
B18 Pussy Is The Most Effective Tool Of Love

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