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Agathocles - distrust and abuse / agarchy (black vinyl, lim. 200), LP

The AGATHOCLES "Distrust and Abuse/Agarchy" LP contains 2 full AGATHOCLES studio EPs, which were both recorded at the NIGHTINGALE STUDIOS in Antwerpen, Belgium. DISTRUST AND ABUSE is one of the most heavy downtuned goregrind sounding recordings of AGATHOCLES ever, containing 6 songs recorded in 1993 with Jan on bass/voice, Steve on guitar/voice and Burt on drums. AGARCHY contains 4 songs recorded in 1991 with Jan on guitar/voice, Erwin on bass/voice and Burt on drums.

- limited to 200 black copies

Distrust And Abuse
A1 Sieg Shit
A2 Hatronomous
A3 Hideous Headchopping
A4 Bigheaded Bastards
A5 Get Off Your Ass
A6 Distrust And Abuse

B1 The Truth Begins Where Man Stops To Think
B2 Sentimental Hypocrisy
B3 Kill Your Fucking Idols
B4 Birds (poem) / Agarchy

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