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Barathrum - demo(no)s (black vinyl), 3-LP

Barathrum - demo(no)s (black vinyl), 3-LP

A compendium of all the studio material BARATHRUM recorded before their debut album Hailstorm, plus the legendary "From Black Flames to Witchcraft" rehearsal.

- black vinyl variant
- housed in a triple gatefold jacket with a 12-page A5-booklet and a woven patch

From Black Flames To Witchcraft (1991)
A1 Winter Of The Black Snow
A2 Black Flames And Blood
A3 Deep From The Depths
A4 Witchmaster

Witchmaster (1991)
C1 Demon Est Deus Inversus
C2 Deep From The Depths
C3 Into The Maze Of Nightmares
C4 Gate To Jetblack Desires
D1 Witchmaster
D2 Black Flames And Blood
D3 Winter Of The Black Snow

Battlecry (1992)
E1 Intro (Epilogue) / Sacrilegium
E2 Nocturnal Dance
E3 Justice Of The Shining Steel
E4 Battlecry / Outro

Sanctus Satanas (1993)
F1 Wolf Age Thunder / Death Is Saviour
F2 SaLuBeLe
F3 Land Of Tears
F4 The Force Of Evil
F5 Black Goat
F6 Devilish Sign

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