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Cripple Bastards - 1991: complete demo session + unreleased tracks (black vinyl, lim. 250), LP

CRUSHING NOISECORE MASSACRE... 444 SONGS!! Just in time for the deadline of its 30th anniversary, here's the official reissue of CB's debut demo '91 (the previous one, recorded in 1989, was only handed to friends and never distributed with a real cover), originally released on the 3-Way split tape with K.S.G. and Dissonance. This special extended version includes a lot of rare extras, most of which never published up to now, not even on the massive "Age of vandalism" 4xCD boxset. This is what you'll find inside: - Complete, uncut Demo '91 session with lots of unreleased tracks (220!)
- Original Demo session (64 tracks)
- Unreleased split 7" with K.S.G. (145 tracks)
- Extra unreleased session (15 tracks)
Re-edited and mastered from the band's tapes. Booklet with photos from that time, scans of the original demo and related flyer, lyrics and extensive liner notes/trivia by Giulio The Bastard. Italy's most extreme and annihilating Noise/Grind in over 4 decades - this LP captures their most anti-music and annihilating phase when they moved from the early teenage sloppy thrash-punk delirium to a devastating wall of tout court Noisecore inspired by 7 M.O.N., Sore Throat, AxCx and similar audio terrorists.

- black vinyl edition is limited to 250 copies

Complete Recording Session For Demo 1991
A1 Untitled (220 Tracks)

Demo 1991 - Original Edit As Released On 3 Way Split Tape With K.S.G. And Dissonance
B1 Useful/Useless
B2 The Last Shipwrecked
B3 Deoxidized Brain
B4 My Serenity
B5 Eliminated Fool
B6 Sick Of Pleasure
B7 Something Wrong
B8 666 Prayers
B9 Active Grind
B10 D.D.S. (Double Scented Shit)
B11 My City
B12 Mc. Justified War
B13 Authority?
B14 Incurableness Of A Stigmatization
B15 Stagnation Of The A.N. Protest
B16 My Last Hours
B17 Windows
B18 Maecenas
B19 Asti Punks
B20 Life In General
B21 Blasphemers?
B22 Misunderstanding Of "Equality"
B23 Intransigent Simpathy
B24 The Outside World
B25 Milicija Die!!
B26 No More
B27 I.C.
B28 Slow Decay
B29 Imposed Mortification
B30 Cormorant
B31 What Can Be Awaked
B32 P.S.O.T.
B33 Asti Postmen
B34 Holidays In The Morning
B35 Fundamental Prints
B36 You Call It Love??
B37 H.O.P.E.
B38 Open Season
B39 0:01
B40 Existence
B41 Researchmen
B42 Number
B43 Take Away The Curtain
B44 Pesants
B45 Camouflaged Petrol
B46 Plastic Virility
B47 Far From My Best Friends
B48 Wrong Stuff
B49 False Lies
B50 I.H.P.
B51 Fucked Immaturity
B52 Certified Document
B53 False Affection
B54 Shoreline
B55 Blue Penguins
B56 Feminility
B57 Vengeance
B58 Life's Value
B59 Rending Aphtae
B60 Standoffish Elimination
B61 Introspective
B62 Incorporated Grave
B63 Dark Joints (No Reason To Laugh)
B64 Life In General (Old Version)
Unreleased Split 7" With K.S.G.
B65 Untitled (145 Tracks)
Rescued Part Of The Discarted First Recording For Demo 1991
B66 Untitled (15 Tracks)

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