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W.B.I. / Tumor (black vinyl, lim. 200), Split-LP

The dream death-match you always wanted to see but never happened before... two of the craziest and most representative bands of the early '90s German Noise inferno team up together on this ultimate split LP! 56 SONGS of cannibalistic Noise/Grind ear-torture from the classic era 1992-1994. Unreleased sessions from both bands: W.B.I.'s side is the very last recording with Norris on drums (1994) and as they explain "up to now it was just dubbed to few close friends" and TUMOR's side is a lost & found rehearsal (1992) not even included in their monolithic 4xCD discography boxset. Short and crazily fast Noisecore orgy in the sickest Teutonic tradition, quoting Tumor: "an enema with nitroglycerine"!!

- black vinyl is limited to 200 pieces

W. B. I. - Unreleased Session 1994
A1 Alcoholic Birth
A2 End Of Time/Juhnke Zieht Wieder Blank
A3 Axcx
A4 Santa Monica Beach
A5 Sackratten
A6 Gespätzelgemetzel
A7 Exzesse In Der Kartoffel Kooperative
A8 Omaschweine (B.G.T. Cover)
A9 Toms Dinner
A10 Rap
A11 Atomic Atrocity
A12 The Last Beer With Norris
A13 Harvey Keitel
A14 Fuck You All (Patareni Cover)
A15 Viva La Flensburg

Tumor - Unreleased Session 17.5.1992
B1 Soup Kitchen For Cannibal
B2 Corpse Flakes
B3 Zombie Caterino
B4 Public Cannibalism
B5 Roasted Womb
B6 Flesh Puzzle
B7 Disembowelment Derby
B8 Razor Tampon
B9 Fresh Flesh
B10 Bedroom Autopsy
B11 Legalize Cannibalism
B12 Bowel Stew
B13 Piranha Blow Job
B14 Cannibal Cooking Club
B15 Your Embryo Is A Zombie
B16 Blood-Drenched Flesh Cake
B17 Funeral Service
B18 Gore Jihad
B19 Bowel Games
B20 Guttural Defecation
B21 Scarf Of Entrails
B22 Stitched Up Rectum
B23 Eyeballs Ping-Pong
B24 Entrails Collector
B25 I Cook Corpses
B26 Gore Update
B27 Pregnant By A Zombie
B28 Enema With Nitroglycerine
B29 Gore Snacks
B30 Foetus Omelet
B31 Flesh Shredder
B32 Fucked By A Grizzly
B33 I Kill On The First Date
B34 An Autopsy Is Like Having Lunch
B35 Japanese Torture Techniques
B36 Caged And Killed
B37 Gargling With A.I.D.S.-Infected Blood
B38 Guts For Sale
B39 A Date With A Corpse
B40 Chainsaw Throat-Fuck
B41 Out For Blood

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