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Retaliation - the execution (Digi CD)

A special Digipak press out of Mexico, it's a 22 song, 16 minutes CD from Sweden's RETALIATION. You won't find black metal or even much Swedish influence here. This is unadulterated grind from the early NAPALM DEATH school of insanity 22 songs. Ivery, very ultra blasting, violent hyper speed grinding insanity. Oh yeah, it's pretty good.

1 Genocide Angels
2 All In Your Head
3 Suicidal Disease
4 Anorectic Epileptic
5 No One Knows My Grave
6 Sick Of Complacence
7 Black Malice
8 Inferior
9 Given A Reason
10 Never
11 Crushing Defeat
12 War! War! War!
13 Ignorance
14 Like Weeds (His Hero Is Gone - Cover)
15 Another Dead Hero
16 Last Stop
17 The Rest Of Me
18 Return To Zero
19 The Harsh, Bitter Truth
20 Time To Pray
21 Unjustified Existence
22 Sans Mercy (Outro)

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